FER JIP Week:  June 3-7, 2024
FER Forum:  June 5th, 2024
FER Forum theme: Innovative Floating Energy Systems – drive towards industrialization
FER JIP meetings:  To be organized by JIP Managers, timeslots in schedule are all in Central Standard Time (CST), (if any questions please contact them or if needed via Offshore@marin.nl)
Local host SINTEF
FER JIP week agenda: 
3-7 June, 2024
Time JIP Contact Company Participants
13.00-17.00 OptiFOWT Delphine Rigaud BV Kick-off
09.00-12.00 LifeLine II Pieter Aalberts MARIN Participants only
13.00-17.00 Cold Water Pipe JIP Martin G. Brown & Joel Sena Sales Jr. OESL & UFRJ Open meeting
09.00-12.00 Hi-Team Bart Scheeren TU Delft Participants only
13.00-17.00 TOWIN JIP Nuno Miquel Magalhaes Duque Da Fonseca
SINTEF Open meeting
13.00-18.00 Normoor Siril Okkenhaug DNV Participants only
17.30-18.30 JIP Managers meeting Olaf Waals MARIN JIP Managers, Organizers, Chairman
09.00-17.00 Mooring Integrity User group meeting Joerik Minnebo Sofec Open meeting
09.00-17.00 HITS 10 Ray Caldwell EM&I Participants only
08.30-18.00 FE Research FORUM (incl. Technical visit)  Olaf Waals MARIN Open meeting
19.00 – FE Research FORUM Dinner      
09.00-12.00 Durabond Stephan Paboeuf BV Open meeting
09.00-12.00 MoniMoor Pieter Aalberts  MARIN Participants only
13.00-17.00 DONUT JIP Filippo Riccioli  TU Delft Participants only
09.00-12.00 High Strength chain Ingrid Skutle Høgsæt  DNV AS Participants only
13.00-17.00 Mooring Systems Wear JIP Pedro Barros  DNV AS Open meeting
09.00-17.00 HAWAIII JIP (day 1/2)  Frédérick Jaouën MARIN Participants only
13.00-17.00 LWR JIP Phase III Jie Wu Sintef Open meeting
09.00-12.00 NYMOOR Nuno Fonseca Sintef Participants only
13.00-17.00 DROPS JIP Phase III Egil Giertsen Sintef Open meeting
09.00-14.00 MONITAS User Group Pieter Aalberts MARIN Participants only
09.00-17.00 HAWAIII JIP (day 2/2)  Frédérick Jaouën MARIN Participants only
09.00-12.00 FloWind & FloGas Danny Constantinis EM&I Participants only
13.00-17.00 PWC JIP Andrew Kilner  AMOG Open meeting
09.00-12.00 Scalewind Erik-Jan de Ridder MARIN Half open/half kick-off meeting
09.00-12.00 Maples JIP Jie Wu Sintef Open meeting
  1. Kick-offs & Open Meetings are open for potential participants.
  2. All other JIP meetings are restricted to participants; if you want to join as a non-participant please contact the JIP Manager.