Joint Industry Projects Archive

Precompetitive R&D of affordable system for monitoring detected and allowable fatigue cracks in ship and offshore structures
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Olivier Baas

Reproducible Offshore CFD JIP
Further info: –
Contact: Jang Whan Kim

Assessment of multiaxial fatigue in welded joints under non-proportional, variable amplitude loading
Further info: website
Contact: Paula van Lieshout

Computational methods for moving and deforming objects in extreme waves
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Joop Helder or Tim Bunnik

Increasing the fatigue resistance confidence for Steel Catenary Risers, by mean of adequate fatigue testing and modelling
Further info: xxx
Contact: Saloni Palkar

ExWave II
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Nuno Fonseca or Arne Nestegård

MCA-Mooring Components II
Address the structural integrity of mooring components through an Engineering Critical Assessment methodology
Further info: Brochure
Contact: Jean Pierre Sauvage

Mooring System Future
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Jean Pierre Sauvage

SquallMoor phase 2
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Siril Okkenhaug

Screening Methods for Analysis of extreme events
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Tim Bunnik, Sebastien Fouqes, Carl Trygve Stansberg or Jule Scharnke

ECA Qualifications of R5 & Higher Grade Chains (“R5+”)
Further info: Leaflet and Proposal
Contact: Jean Pierre Sauvage or Jean-Michel Aubert

Contact: Øyvind Hellan

MCA Mooring Comp. III
Contact: Jean Pierre Sauvage

Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Siril Okkenhaug

Workshop Bolt & Beautiful
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Paula van Lieshout

Wave impact loading on offshore structures due to BREAKing waves and their KINematics
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Jule Scharnke

Local Mooring Chain Corrosion
Further info: xxx
Contact: Martijn Hoogeland

Design Methodology and guidelines for moorings in squall conditions (Bureau Veritas and DNV GL)
Further info: Brochure
Contact: Siril Okkenhaug

High Performance Steels for Mooring
Further info: Brochure
Contact: Jean Pierre Sauvage

Further info: xxx
Contact: Jeremy Rosen

Risk reduction within offloading operations by assessing human factors
Further info: OffRisk JIP
Contact: Karen van Vliet

Estimation and consideration of roll motions and roll induced loads on the design of FPSO system.
Further info: Non Linear Roll proposal
Contact: Flavia Rezende

Wind Load
Development of adequate guidelines for reproducibility of wind tunnel tests and CFD calculations
Further info: WindLoad JIP
Contact: Jos van Doorn or Jaap de Wilde

Hull Inspection Techniques & Strategy
Further info: HITS Leaflet HITS Proposal
Contact: Judy Burdett

Global Performance of Synthetic Rope Mooring systems
Further info: Syrope proposal
Contact: Erik Falkenberg

Finite Element Analysis of Residual Strength for severely corroded/worn chains
Further info: Background and Status
Contact: Gary Farrow

Life Cycle Management Hull
Further info:
Contact: Eeteng Khoo; +1 281 877 6872

Seawater Corrosion Of Rope & CHain (AMOG Consulting)
Further info: SCORCH Proposal, Flyer, Outline
Contact: Jeremy Rosen

Hydrodynamics of Disconnectable Turret Systems
Further info: DISCO Proposal
Contact: Arjan Voogt or Olaf Waals

Managing fatigue in steel catenary riser systems
Further info: MonaRisa proposal
Contact: Pieter Aalberts

sHAllow WAter InItiative
Further info: Hawa II Proposal
Contact: Olaf Waals

Helios (MARIN)
Helicopter Operations for Offshore Ships
Further info: Helios Proposal
Contact: Henk van den Boom

Thrust Hydrodynamics JIP
Further info: TRUST proposal, Flyer
Contact: Hans Cozijn

Numerical modeling of non-linear fluid loads by means of Volume of Fluid Method
Further info:
Contact: Tim Bunnik

Chain OPB fatigue (SBM)
Analysis of out of plane bending fatigue in mooring chain
Further info: (Archive; Rio Meeting)
Contact: Lucile Rampi

Mooring Integrity II (NDA)
Investigation in mooring failures
Further info; Noble Denton
Contact: Martin Brown

Offloading Operability II (MARIN)
Simulation of side-by side offloading
Further info:
Contact: Arjan Voogt

On Board Wave and Motion Estimator (MARIN)
Prediction of floater motions 1 minute ahead
Further info: (Archive: Houston 2005 Meeting)
Contact: Henk van den Boom

Shallow water wave kinematics related to near-shore terminals
Further info:
Contact: Bas Buchner

Structural Integrity II (ABS)
Investigation of structural integrity by inspections
Further info: (Archive: Houston 2005 Meeting)
Contact: Chris Serratella

FPSO Integrity JIP (MARIN)
Fatigue loads on FPSO’s
Further info:
Contact: Henk van den Boom

FPSO Capacity (DNV)
Fatigue response of FPSO hull construction
Further Info: DNV
Contact: Inge Lotsberg

Improvement of DP-control systems with wave feed forward
Further info:
Contact: Albert Aalbers

Safeflow (MARIN)
Green water impacts on fpso’s
Further info:
Contact: Bas Buchner

SALT (Principia)
Coupled motions due to sloshing
Further info: Principia
Contact: Alain Ledoux

FPSO Inspection JIP (ABS)
Structural integrity inspection data base
Info: ABS
Contact: Chris Serratella

CALM Buoy (Principia)
Numerical analysis of calm-buoys behavior
Info: Principia
Contact: Phillipe Le Buhan

Roll monitoring, prediction and control for FPSO’s
Further info:
Contact: Henk van den Boom

Batelle Structural Stress (Batelle)
Fatigue analysis of steel structures
Further info: Batelle
Contact: Pingsha Dong