Current Joint Industry Projects

NorMoor Phase 4
Further info: LeaFlyer NorMoor JIP Phase 4flet
Contact: Siril Okkenhaug

The JIP StrengthBond Offshore aims to develop a robust strength prediction methodology of bonded steel and composite repairs for offshore unit’s hulls based on short-term and fatigue analysis.
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Maxime Deydier

The objective of the HAWA-III JIP is to extend and validate the overall design methodology of nearshore terminals based on model scale measurements and to provide practical tools and guidelines to apply the methodology. 
Further info:Project Plan HAWAI-3 JIP
Link: website
Contact: Frédérick Jaouën

The MoniMoor project seeks to develop a framework for the mooring integrity management of floating wind turbines and production systems with the aim of reducing operation & maintenance costs, supporting lifetime extension and increasing safety.
Further MoniMoor JIP leaflet
Link: website
Contact: Pieter Aalberts


To identify asset integrity challenges and encourage practical solutions for floating offshore wind assets and infrastructure
Contact: Danny Constantinis

Improving the way that asset integrity of floating gas assets is managed by the industry
Contact: Danny Constantinis

High-Tech Acoustic Monitoring – Acoustic Emission Condition Monitoring of Highly-loaded Low-speed Bearings
Project website: HiTeAM
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Bart Scheeren

Mooring Integrity meeting
Contact: Joerik Minnebo

MONITAS User Group
Intelligent Structural Health of FPSO’s
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Pieter Aalberts

Offloading Operations
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Arjan Voogt

Dry mooring line monitoring for floating production systems
Further info: Brochure
Contact: Pieter Aalberts

The HITS JIP is an international initiative targeted at improving the way the oil and gas industry
manages the integrity of marine structures such as FPSOs, drillships, FSRUs, FLNGs, accomodation
barges and other floating offshore assets.
Further info: website
Contact: Danny Constantinis

Green Water
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Qing Yu or Arjan Voogt

Contact: Pooria Pahlavan
Further info: Leaflet

BreaKin JIP
Simulation of BreaKin JIP model tests with CFD
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Jule Scharnke and Joop Helder